If you seek a sober living environment after being addicted to alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, OxyContin, methamphetamine (crank), opioids, speed, or other prescription drugs…WE CAN HELP! Call us NOW at (916) 961-2691.

Clean and Sober Transitional Living (CSTL) is a community of adults who share the intention of achieving long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol. We offer a safe, secure, supportive and affordable sober living environment where residents can strengthen their recovery, learn how to prevent relapse and build a strong foundation for a life free from drugs or alcohol. This is what makes CSTL’s system of care so powerful:

  • Established in 1989, our 14 homes and 120-plus residents represent the oldest and largest transitional living community in Northern California. We have helped over 6000 people rebuild lives without drugs or alcohol as they make plans to return to their own homes, families and jobs.
  • CSTL can provide you with the time and experience to practice the art of living sober. With over 100 residents we offer a network of 13 homes that function as a community.

    At CSTL, you will live in a beautiful home in a great area (Fair Oaks, California) with a group of people who are committed to their recovery and yours. You will not be alone, but part of a community who understands your struggle along the road of recovery because your path is shared by them.

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    We are located in Fair Oaks, California. Fair Oaks is a Mid to upscale suburb 20 miles east of Sacramento. Public transportation is less than a block away along with two shopping centers with super markets, restaurants, fast food establishments, gas stations, banks, coffee shops, clothing stores etc. Downtown Sacramento is approximately 30 minutes by light rail. San Francisco and beautiful Lake Tahoe are both a few hours away by vehicle or AMTRAK. Sacramento International Airport is about a 45 minute drive.

    We have literally helped thousands of men and women build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety. Our residents come from all walks of life. From management positions of Fortune 500 companies to construction workers to men and women going back or starting college... they all share the same goal of long-term sobriety. The key to our success is that we offer an environment that requires commitment and integrity from everyone....staff and residents alike.

    We have been featured on both A&E's "Intervention" and TLC's "Addicted" television series.

    Thanks and we hope you find our site informative and helpful addressing your particular needs.

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For a tour or more information, contact Clean and Sober Transitional Living of Fair Oaks at (916) 961 2691